Italian Jeweled Sandals (Capri) - from €230

Handmade in Capri with Swarovski crystals, local stones and coral branches 

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"Bella" lamp by Lucie Koldova - €2,950

1m35 of enlighting design. Much more than a lamp...

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Ibiza Bohemian Boots - €415

Straight from Ibiza, unique Boho boots that will rock your feet all year round

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Inheritance series (USA) - €5,000

Made with vintage World War II US military fabric

Sit, and look like Steve McQueen (before 1974). 

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mexican beaded skulls - €700

From Sierra Madre, Mexico. The Huichol's traditional beading technique on life like resin made skulls. Vanity art at its best...

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Crates cabinets (Holland) - €6,475

Time to clean your room?....

If you ever find a cooler piece of storage, give us a call.

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Kayapó Tribe Jewelry (Amazonia)

Wanna look authentic?..

Genuine Traditional Kayapó Handicraft from the Amazonian Rainforest.

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Curator cabinet (Holland) - €5,000

Amazing  hanging glass curiosity cabinet. Curate with style...

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Palette Coffee Table by Atelier Burel Sebag (France) - €24,000

Presented at Art Basel Miami 2014, Limited Edition of 8

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Wood Casting (Israël) - €2,420

Molten aluminium on charred cypress wood.

Discover the amazing work of Hilla Shamia

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Tribal Vintage Indian/Burmese/Afghani jewelry - From €150

Collected during various journeys in the heart of Asia by a skilled British guide, for you to wear.

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H55 reclining deckchair (Sweden)

There is deckchair...and then there is H55.

You like your sun? Let him know.... 

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Handmade wood clutches (israel) - €420

Pick your wood and size for these amazing clutches, handmade in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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American Skulls (USA) - €1,750

Let's transform ordinary animal skulls into beautiful pieces of wall art shall we?...

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My lovely Bones - €4,500

Hundreds of hours of work for a masterpiece made of resin and exotic bird feathers.

With pride, in our brand new Art Section

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"Blade" by Pol Quadens (Belgium) - €14,000

Sharp, shiny, signed and numbered...

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