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Cool high quality luxury army mink fur parka

Recycled Mink Fur Army Parka (Austria)

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This really cool and high quality Mink Fur Army Parka is handmade with passion by an inspired 3rd generation of Austrian furriers. 

It is handmade with genuine recycled mink fur from high quality vintage mink coats. The parka itself is designed with vintage US Army tents from the 1960s to 1970s.

These tents are collectors items and are very hard to find. Each parka bears testimony of its previous life and is therefore one of a kind. 

The mink fur is amazing quality. It is shiny and light and supple. For us at The Hobo Society this is the must-buy of this winter and it will last far far longer than the best rabbit fur parkas available in high end stores this winter. Each parka is one of a kind and is produced individually and by hand - so every parka is different.


 100% Handmade 

 Genuine recycled high quality MINK fur

 Vintage 1960s and 70s US Army tent fabric

 Quality fit & finish

 Comfortable & Hip as can be


Lead time: 4 weeks maximum. Quality demands time. 


Presented here in Army Green with Mahogany Mink Fur.

3 Parka colors available:  - Original Army Green    

                               aaaa              - Dyed in Indigo Blue     

                                       aaaa      - Dyed in Black Anthracite

4 Mink fur natural color options: - Mahogany ( Dark Brown )

                                               aaaa aaa     - Demibuff ( Middle Brown )

                                                 aaaa aaa   - Pastell ( Light Brown )

                                            aaaa      aaa   - Sapphire ( Light Gray )


Price is subject to changes according to color of outershell and/or Mink. Final price is  displayed when you make your selection.

The army green color of the base model is the original undyed color of the US Army tents used to create the parka.


If you wish for specific measurements, or if you're hesitating in regards of which size to choose, click HERE and ask us.

This parka is also available FOR MEN AND KIDSClick HERE and ask us for more info.

This parka is made to order and is therefore non-refundable and non replaceable (except in case of damage).