Yann Farace di Villaforesta & Anne-Sophie Laignel

(Hobos code of Ethics, voted 1889, St.Louis, Missouri)
The term "hobo" comes from the end of the American civil war. Hobos are wanderers, travelling the rail network for free, looking for a good opportunity. 
The world is abundant with amazing designs and quality handicraft, yet we live in a society of mass consumerism. Passionate with travelling and design, we decided to leave the rails of mass consumption and go across countries. We dig out treasures of authenticity and creativity and offer them to you. Our logo means exactly that. Hobos used to leave eachother code symbols with chalks on train cars, farm gates or city walls. Our logo means " Leaving Railroad for Highway or across country ". We travel the world, from Australia to the Arctic, and bring you the best of what we find. We have seen and touched almost everything that we sell. Quality is a key factor. Our selection is a fine one, we put our hearts into it.
We're here to give you an opportunity to be different, to be unique. If you are to buy furniture or accessories, make sure you invest in something with character. Something that defines you. Something that you will keep for a lifetime and pass along to your children with pride.
Hop on a train with us. Join the Society....
  • We guarantee the utmost quality of what you buy from us. We provide a complete after sale service in case of any trouble. Keep in mind that we have physically seen and tested about 95% of what we're selling, and that we have personally met each designer or producer.
  • We offer real cheap delivery prices. We actually lower our margins to offer even cheaper prices on top of our special agreements with major international shipping companies. Your order will be delivered where you want it in your home, not abandoned on the sidewalk.
  • Because almost everything we offer is made to order, we take into consideration every particular request you may have, so feel free to ask...