September 16th 2014

We went to London for several design events this September, and between a tweed blanket and a cup of tea we made some very interesting Art discoveries. You don't always find what you came for.

London is filled with amazing places to eat, yet we have to recommand, for those of you who don't know it, the always to die for Ottolenghi on 63 Ledbury Road in Notting Hill. Wether you like Middle Eastern food or not, it's a no brainer. For a quick lunch only. Try and get your hand on the outside stools for a feel of Notting Hill while lunching.


July 26th 2014

In summer, you go South....Here we are in Spain for a trip to Barcelona and Ibiza, looking for local handicraft and enjoying the beach, two things you can luckily do at the same time in a place like Ibiza....

Ibiza is definitely THE place to be in summertime. It is booming with inspiration and creativity and a great place for hunters like ourselves. We came too late for summer season this year but will make it up to you next year by showing up very early and offer you the must haves of the summer.....well any excuse to go back.



May 16th 2014

We are now entering Inuit territory in Iqaluit, Nunavut, in the Arctic circle. Weather is not too rough, -18°C, so we're not afraid to lose extremities, yet. Let's say we're lucky with the weather, it only snows in the morning.

Nature is fabulous. The sea is totally frozen and offers breathtaking sceneries. We needed to get here to actually realize how far North it is and how unbelievably lucky we are. 

We're off to work on our AMAZING Inuit coat project for this winter. Hopefully we'll be ready for your orders in September. A fabulous traditional local fur Inuit coat, made by Inuits, in Inuit land. You wanted Ethnic?.... We won't say more, you're gonna have to wait for September...



 It was a long flight, but we had good in-flight entertainment...



May 14th 2014

It's actually quite sunny in Montréal, Canada.

Some old friends to visit while downtown is getting ready for summer festivities. We can't wait to leave up North in 2 days....

May 7th 2014


Arrived in Copenhagen, the midst of Eurovision contest. Music everywhere, good or bad. Lots of artists appointments, lots of things to discover.

May 10th 2014

Leaving the city now, we met some fabulous artisans whose work you will die for. A few days break and heading towards Canada...

Denmark Eurovision

May 3rd 2014

In sunny but chilly Berlin for the 10 years of the Gallery Week end. So much creativity gives us goose bumps....or is it the cold?.....

May 5th 2014

Looking for apfelstrudel and a cappuccino in Mitte? "Zeit für Brot" on Alte Schönhauser Straße 4 is our place of choice for sure...


April 25th 2014

In Eindhoven the Netherlands for the afternoon, for a great meeting and even greater furniture.......



April 14th 2014

In Hong Kong for 2 days, world capital of Kung Fu and gastro-enteritis...


Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong 2 

May 10th 2014


In Tokyo, Japan !!

First experience with Japanese design...

The rest of our local discovery was just as amazing and as much fun.

For your travelling information, everything in Japan is an Art, except breakfast. If you need a good kickstart in the AM, go to Gontran Cherrier's amazing bakery on Shibuya Square in Tokyo. We only found it on the last day, we wouldn't like that to happen to you.    Gontran Cherrier

Japan 1

April 5th 2014

In Rome, do as Audrey Hepburn. Well, one of us is....

On our way to some fabulous "only italians can do that" piece of accessory, we fell on the Pope who blessed us and wished us a pleasant saturday. How courteous. Don't you just love Italy?....

March 11th 2014

And here we are in lovely Tel Aviv, Israel, in the midst of Purim's celebration, when everyone is disguised on the streets, when oriental music is played everywhere and when it is absolutely pourring with rain. It fell more water in 3 days than for the last 3 years. So there we are, stuck in a taxi in the middle of a waterfall, while its driver puts at top volume the last trend of the moment in the oriental music department while yelling in her mobile phone to cover the music, windows wide opened despite the rain, and wearing a red devil costume.......That reminded us of a sequence from the movie "Planes, trains and automobiles"... Travelling memories....

Tel Aviv is a lovely city when dry, and we met lot of very nice people there, ate a lot of schnitzels, and came back with one of a kind design so we can't wait to go back, with a raincoat.


March 2nd 2014

In RIO ! ! !...and guess what: IT'S CARNAVAL !!!

That's what we call fabulous timing.... It's Caïpirinha this, Caïpirinha that, pass the sun cream and let's have another Caïpirinha. 

Between two stomach pumping we found the time to spot the most unbelievable design, street art and local handicraft you could ever dream of. A bus ride to Sao Paulo, trips to the far away jungle and back to Rio with a shopping list long like both arms. Take a look back on the website if you don't believe us.

The hell of a journey. We'll have to go back.