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Art armchair balloon blanket happy material

Happy Material Blanket (Israël)

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We had the privilege of meeting Pini Leibovich in his studio while in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Mr.Leibovich defines himself as a designer and has been teaching design at the Shenkar College of Egineering and Design in Tel-Aviv, Israel. But Pini is much more than that. He is also, let's face it, a bit of an artist really.  

The specific work that we are offering for sale here has been exposed at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York in 2006. In fact, Pini attended numerous single and group exhibitions, won awards, and his works can be found in several museums and art collections.  So this is no beginner at all. Pini Leibovich knows his design for sure...

This piece is a blanket made with balloons, it is to be placed on a chair or an armchair. It then becomes a chair or an armchair. Place it on a coffee table, it becomes a coffee table... There is a joy that happens when people meet familiar materials like a balloon used in a different way. The intellectual barrier melts and emotions come forward. This is why this piece is called "Happy material". It is a very unique design that tends to become art. This is a collector's piece. It has been designed to make you happy, amongst many other things..... 


Lead time: 12 to 16 weeks

Dimensions: on order

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