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1000 cool amazing library furniture design Archive II

Archive II (Denmark)

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ARCHIVE II is more than a library

A library just holds books.

This piece was exhibited at the Royal Danish Art Academy in 2005 and in Beiijing at the Notch 09 culture festival.

A library doesn't do that.

Walk by this piece and it will put you on hold for a while, for what is it and not for what it holds...

A library doesn't do that.


We met Artist/Architect David Garcia in a wine bar in Copenhagen. David know his wines, but not only. He actually is a very curious and open minded character, who puts a lot of passion and dedication in what he does. An hour with David is not wasted time. We talked about wine, travelling and Japanese "Take" art. Then, he told us about his Archive II, and we listened.


Archive II is actually more of an investigation on space and books, aiming to blur the borders between art and design. It aims to appeal to the senses, creating a narrative and an experience, spaces within spaces.

Departing from ideas of density and micro spaces, it aims to explore the traditional relationships that humans have to books. Private collections have existed for centuries, but when this is added to nomadic behaviour, curious contradictions arise; this is the area studied by Archive II. How can an individual travel with it’s own library, given that books are so heavy? Is this an absurdity? Archive II is a nomadic library, an impossible transport system and an intimate space. Inspired by ancient travelling libraries from the Far East, which visited courts and cities, Archive II transforms this into a "micro room", where walking and reading coexist as refuge and a voyage in the imagination.
ARCHIVE II is a circular art work, with bookshelving space on both sides, 12 meters of books in total, shelves 15 cm deep and 24 cm heigh. Work is 60 cm wide, 240 cm in diameter, delivered in two halves, aprox 60 kg each.
Made in Copenhagen of untreated fine birch ply. Numbered and signed by Architect David A. Garcia
(Images depict pine wood of lesser quality, not fine birch as stated, other wood types upon request, price may vary)
Production time 45 days
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“As a child, I was introduced to an old friend of the family. I have never met anyone who has read so many books, could remember so many sources or quote so many authors as he could. Many years later, while studying at university, I would often call him for suggestions with bibliography regarding the most varied subjects. We would always meet in a café or a park and he would recite quotes from memory, titles and publishers, translations and sources without notes. My curiosity grew with time. What was his library like? I imagined him having endless rooms filled with books. Finally, one day, I convinced him to meet at his house, and to my deep disappointment, there was not a single book to be seen. My impatience took over and I asked him where he kept all his books? To what he answered; ”I only own the book I read at the moment. When I finish them, I go for a walk, pick a stranger from the crowd, and give the book away. If you are looking for my library, it is spread to the winds.”
David Garcia
Architect David A. Garcia graduated from The Bartlett school of Architecture, London in 2002. In addition to his architectural degree, he holds an Arts degree from the University of Barcelona (1996). He has worked at Foster and Partners, London, he has been an associate partner at Henning Larsen Architects in Copenhagen, and is principal and owner of MAP Architects.
He is the editor and publisher of the international publication Manual of Architectural Possibilities, now in it’s sixth issue, and founder of The Institute of Architecture and the Extreme Environment.

David is a Master Course Director at Lund's School of Architecture, LTH, Sweden since 2010, having taught at LTH since 2002, and has held a teaching position at the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen from 2003 to 2006. He is a Teaching Fellow at The Bartlett School of Architecture, Unit 3, where he is a Degree Unit Director since 2010, and has recently been appointed director of the forthcoming Institute of Building Design and Technology at the Royal Danish School of Architecture.

In 2007 he was awarded a prestigious 3 year bursary grant from the Danish Art Council, and has been selected to represent Denmark’s Pavilion at the Architectural Venice Biennale in 2012. 

In the past year he has exhibited in Beijing, New York, Chicago, Montreal, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Oslo, Copenhagen and Rotterdam. He lectures regularly and is an invited as guest jury at international architecture schools.



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