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Wood Casting Bench (Israël)

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Israeli artist/designer Hilla Shamia's "Wood Casting" bench


Molten Aluminium on charred Cypress wood

Dimensions: L:100cm x W:30cm x H:40cm-50cm    (L:39.3in x W:11.8in x H:15.7 - 19.6in)

Lead time: 3 to 4 months


We met "Wood Casting" designer Hilla Shamia in the very heart of Jaffa flea market in Tel Aviv, Israël.


Hilla is a true artist and is fully passionate aboute her work. She beautifully combines handcrafted art with furniture design. Her concept derives from the emotional need for a product. Hilla has noticed that people build stronger emotional connections with imperfect objects.

As a designer, Hilla Shamia has always been more interested in these imperfections than with the obvious “perfectly controlled” product. Much of her work involves nature. Nature is full of seemingly imperfect, unpredictable processes from which everything emerges.

It is these processes in nature that led her to examine how objects get their character from their imperfections, and how she, as a designer, can create objects in which the defect is a positive and desirable aspect.

She chooses to use whole tree trunks. This enables her to preserve the natural form while setting clear boundaries. The square shape enhances the overall sense of artificiality, but nevertheless leaves the memory of the material. Hilla applies the technology of pouring molten aluminum directly on the wood. The meeting point of the two materials is marked by a charcoaled strip. The wood is then cut up lengthwise and processed in its final form, and inserted into a mold which defines the furniture’s frame and legs.

The casting process is accompanied by high heat, flames and smoke. When the metal is cooled down and the mold breaks apart, the furniture reveals a dark border between the hot metal and the wood.

The object created presents a drama that occurs in the production process. The merging outlines of the materials provide evidence of the leaking aluminum and the carbonization of the wood which are now forever frozen.

Like nature, the final product is unique. No two pieces are identical. The incompleteness and randomness give the product its aesthetic value. As in nature, the processes are exposed yet the results are surprising.


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