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Curator Cabinet (Holland)

Curator Cabinet (Holland)

5 000,00 €

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This amazing hanging glass cabinet curates a real Cheetah as well as a Crane bird. You can curate one special object in the cabinet, out of your precious collection, or ask us for a stuffed animal of your choice as we work with a fine local taxidermist.

Given price is for an empty cabinet. If you wish for a specific content, click HERE for a quotation. 


By developing their own machine in which they can form plexiglass panels in organic curved shapes, designers Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier are able to make showcase cabinets with a magical effect. The most bizarre objects fit in with the advantage that you can see it from all sides. Because the cabinet hangs serene within the space, there is something magical and poetic around it.

It all started with the idea to emphasize the current trend of mass consumption. To regain what we already have, instead of buying new products every time. 

Show your most beautiful and precious object in an organic shaped showcase cabinet, so that they reinforce each other to receive more attention.

"The cabinet seems to adapt to its content, as a fragile bubble. As soap bubbles on sticks, they seem to float in the air".

Dimensions: Height: 130cm x Width: 110cm x Diameter: 110 cm

Materials: Available in light Ash wood or darker Wenge, acrylic glass and a shelf of toughened glass.

Lead time: 10 weeks.

The cabinet is rather easy to open for cleaning, one panel is removable.

This item is Made-To-Order—non-returnable & non-refundable except in the case of damage.


Cool curiosity cabinet stuffed bird taxidermy amazing cool


Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier are both graduated in 2010 in different directions at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Therefore their approach to design is totally different. Where Ruben works at the technical side of design where feasibility and the knowledge of material are important, is Iris almost at the opposite side. She is not that pragmatic, but with Iris it is more about styling, intuition form and colour. This results in a strong combination.

"Rational versus intuitive, yet fresh ideas constantly appear".

The handwriting of Studio Thier&vanDaalen is unique. Because of the spaciousness and poetic character, what can be found in their work. 

They create a new space or object which is in relationship with its environment. Through a clear play of colour, light and reflection, sleek and transparent designs arise. Both aesthetics and usability are important starting points, a challenge which seems impossible.

They are constantly developing new applications and searching for new techniques to use in (interior) objects. As well they love to work together with traditional craftsmanships, each with their own specialisation, which they apply in their own way. This creates something totally new.

To make it something of their own, they constantly challenge themselves and the people they work with. With their main goal to ‘surprise’ people over and over again.

"We love to explore the border between art and design".


Studio Thier Van Daalen



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