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Unique amazing designer furniture console desk. Cool rare design limited edition

"Blade" steel console by Pol Quadens (Belgium)

14 000,00 €

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Blade " by Belgian designer Pol Quadens (2013)



Polished stainless steel

Signed and numbered 


Height: 98 cm (38.6 inches)

Length: 190cm (74.8 inches)

Width: 30 cm (11.8 inches)

Lead time: 6 to 8 weeks

Wordwide Shipping 


Pol Quadens is a Belgian designer.

During his artistic studies, Pol made the acquaintance of Pierre Sterckx, professor of aesthetics, which opens our eyes to the art and philosophy.
This meeting will be decisive in his choice to come.
He then discovered the profession and bodybuilder, working on the most prestigious cars, he learns to work all the materials, techniques and aesthetics.
It was then that he began to draw objects and furniture.
In 1987 he created his shelf compact discs.
The shelf is still in production twenty years later.
He participates in various exhibitions of furniture (Salone del Mobile, Interior) and thus begins his career as a designer.
In 1995 Pol meets a former engineer from Donnay (manufacturer of tennis rackets) who teaches him composites and mainly of carbon fiber.
The chair C06 born in April 1995, it will chair the world's lightest (950 grams).
During his six months in Milan Pol meeting people at Swatch Group.
Carlo Giordanetti, artistic director asked to draw Swatch watches for brands.
In New York, he began working for Hamilton and finally Rado.
Returned to Brussels in late 2000, Pol creates 'strada', a shoe upper 10 cm without heel.
While still designing furniture.
It carries light tables for dancing the city center and also creates a whole new shoe store for Biondini in Paris at Galeries Lafayette.
At the same time, the publisher of furniture Vange focuses on the collection of objects Pol.
In 2007 he designed a collection for OVO editions complete with Corian and puts the young editor of C09 (the new chair carbon) production.

" Blade " #3 was recently sold at Pierre Bergé auctions for €22,500 buyer’s premium included. 



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