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1000 Cool amazing storage furniture chest of drawers Krattenkast 5 (holland)

Krattenkast 5 (Holland)

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We met Mark in his workshop in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Mark lives the Dutch way. A vast workshop filled with sunlight, a view over the canal and a yellow camper van parked out the door. 


Mark is quite a cool cat. He was not stressed at all when he saw us pass his porch. And there was a reason for that. Mark has been working on this specific design for nearly 10 years now. He knows it's a keeper. It is solid, rough and colorful. It is timeless. It is cool. Like Mark.

We had come across his Krattenkast a year before and we went looking for it thousands of miles in the wrong direction. So we were quite happy to finally locate him and it is with pride we are offering it to you today.


The series of cabinets, “Krattenkast” (crate cupboard), is a simple design concept: a steel frame with multicoloured, second hand crates, which act as drawers in the steel construction.
Although each crate is a different color, height and has differently designed ribs, the measurements of the base are always the same.

Due to the indiscriminate stacking of the crates, a column with three or four crates can have the same height as a pile of five.
The color and design of every “Krattenkast” is unique, because the collection of the crates varies continuously and there also seems to be an endless number of different models of crates. As a result, every cupboard has a different height.

The quiet, indestructible appearance of the crates, combined with the raw, steel frame gives the cabinet an industrial, no-nonsense look. 



Length 213 cm; Width 60 cm; Height 70 cm (Height can vary)

Lead time:

6 to 8 weeks

Materials & colors:

Frame: Steel, colour black
Crates: Plastic, various colours 


If you're frustrated by the size of the piece, don't be. We have different shapes and sizes of this model available on this very section...

This item is Made-To-Order—non-returnable & non-refundable except in the case of damage.



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Mark van der Gronden (Eindhoven, 1975) graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2002. He lives and works in Eindhoven where he opened his own studio/workshop in 2002.
He surprises by the creative process he uses and the material with which he works.
Designing for him is especially about the making of a product, about the possibilities of using the materials in his designs to emphasise them. Everyday objects with a natural beauty are his source of inspiration.

His design for a coffee and tea service “Heavy Duty Tableware” has an exorbitant, sturdy charisma. They were designed like heavy pieces of equipment that seem to be intended for the maintenance of heavy machinery. Nevertheless they are ordinary appliances and consumer items that now suddenly speak a complete different language.

”Heavy Duty Tableware” is part of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen collection, in Rotterdam as well as of the Royal DSM (art collection), in Heerlen.
His works have been featured in several exhibitions in the Netherlands, in other European Countries and in the USA.