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Cool designer sun chair deckchair

H55 deckchair (Sweden)

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Designed by Swedish designer Björn Hultén in 1955 and showcased at the Helsingborg Exhibition of 1955, H55 is a very elegant reclining foldable deckchair.

It is made with Teak Wood, Stainless Steel, Fabric and Leather.

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H55 is unbelievably comfortable, with four different recline settings. The Sunbrella fabric is sunproof and rainproof, using pre-coloured weaved fabric that comes with a five year guarantee. 

The teak will turn into a beautiful grey over time, unless you wish to keep it as it is and apply oil on it.

Check the videos regarding maintenance:

Available colours: 

- Black

- Blue

- Beige

- White

Also available in "Renaissance" thicker fabric in:

- Renaissance Beige

- Renaissance Dark Grey


Reclining deckchair sunchair



Björn Hultén (1929-2008)

”And then I grew from my normal 198 cm of height till at least 250 cm...” This was Björn Hultén’s comment when he was praised for the comfort of the chair “H55” by the Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf .

The chair, originally made in Oregon pine and canvas, was presented to the king in the spring of 1955 at an exhibition at Slöjdföreningens skola in Gothenburg. The king seated himself in the chair and commented on the great comfort. Later he awarded Björn with a Royal scholarship. The initial name of the chair thus became “the King’s chair” later to

be changed to “H55”, during the 1955 exhibition in Helsingborg, Sweden, (H55).

Björn has explained that his idea was to “create a piece of furniture that could be used indoor as well as outdoor, that could withstand wind and harsh weather and at the same time being beautiful enough to be used in the living room”.

The original construction with two parallel trapezes, lathed in a cone shape and attached, gave the comfort and above all the stability.

Today, almost 60 years on, this is still how we manufacture H55. In fact, Björn’s idea of making a chair that can withstand harsh weather conditions for the outdoor with a timeless design, still holds for us at Berga. Not only for H55 but for all our production. 


This item is non-returnable & non-refundable except in the case of damage.



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