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cool luxury coffee table table basse

Palette coffee table by Atelier Burel & Sebag (France)

19 000,00 €

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"Palette" is designed by French atelier Burel & Sebag and was presented at this year's Art Basel in Miami.

"Palette" is a signed and numbered Limited Edition coffee table, playing on the ambiguity created by the mix of a common object built with a luxurious combination of fine Spanish Marquina and Italian Venato marble. The viewer's senses are tricked by this amazing piece of design, only available in an edition of 8. An object originally designed to be constantly moved opted for comfortable sedentariness.

"Palette" can be moved thanks to strong invisible wheels hidden underneath its base.

A glass plate comes with the table but you may very well choose not to use it. 

Dimension:     120cm X 80cm

                             Height: 46cm 

                             Weight: 180kg

Lead time:  45 to 60 days

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This item is non-returnable & non-refundable except in the case of damage.



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