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1000 cool art balloon lamp amazing lamp light Balloon lamp (japan)

Balloon Lamp (Japan)

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The Balloon lamp was designed by Satoshi Itasaka, a very talented and awarded designer who we met around a japanese tea ceremony in Ginza, Tokyo.

This lamp was inspired by Satoshi's previous creation, the Balloon Bench. He made balloons trapped by the ceiling while maintaining their floating ability. Satoshi felt it would be interesting to mount a lighting-equipment to a balloon and made it happen.

In practice, the balloons are made from Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) so they neither break nor wither. They come in two colors, white or red. The lamp is suspended from the ceiling by 4 anchors concealed by the balloon shapes. It is illuminated by LED.

Lead time for this product is 2 months.

This item is Made-To-Order—non-returnable & non-refundable except in the case of damage.


"h220430" was Established on April 30th, Heisei 22 (Heisei is the current era name in japan).

Their design activities focus on lighting and furniture, etc.

They want to design not just primary shape of the object but secondary communication deriving from the messages in the objet. They hope their work will produce communication and provide an opportunity for people to rethink and act against many difficult problems such as deterioration of global environment and continuous conflicts all over the world.



Satoshi Itasaka


Award :

2011 Decoration International Media Award _ Annual Original Products Design Award

2013 A'Design Award / Baby,Kids and Children's Products Design Category / Silver Prize


Collection :

2012 Mushroom Lamp / San Francisco MoMA


Exhibitions :

2010 DESIGNTIDE TOKYO TIDE Extension "h220430 - Opportunity"



2011 Cheongju International Craft Biennale in Korea

2012 B GALLERY EXHIBITION "Place of The Rising Sun" / Tokyo

2013 Any Tokyo Exhibition / Tokyo

2014 Ventura Lambrate in Milano Fuori Salone / Milano,Italy

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